Welcome to our Open Gardens Page. Details on each garden will be sent out via Chapter email prior to the Open Garden date. Addresses and other info can be found in your Handbook/Directory. * please note dates are for Saturday and/or Sunday, unless otherwise noted.

A note from Sharon:

I am Sharon Wiley and I will be inviting you to open your gardens for your fellow Master Gardeners to enjoy, to get new ideas from and to learn from by visiting with you and discussing your successes – and yes, your failures and mistakes!!

You may be thinking about opening your gardens for the first time and you may have some questions.  Is my garden good enough?   YES!  A garden is always good enough for others to enjoy. It isn’t completed yet so should I wait until it is all done?   NO!  A garden should never be all done as there are always new ideas to work on, new plants to look for, plants to thin and move and areas that may need a little reworking. HALF THE FUN OF HAVING AN OPEN GARDEN IS TALKING WITH FELLOW GARDENERS ABOUT FUTURE PLANS AND IDEAS FOR THE GARDEN.

Please consider opening your gardens this coming open Garden season.   Just Email or call me –  I will be thrilled to talk to you about garden details and a date and time.

If you are not interested in opening your gardens please check out the dates that your fellow Master Gardeners will be holding Open gardens – and support them by visiting with them  in their gardens as they share their love of gardening with you.



click here for more photos of our gardens from years past 

all photos ©S.Andrews for exclusive use by Clackamas County Master Gardeners