Master Gardeners™ are trained volunteers, educated through OSU Extension Service to offer the local community Reliable, Relevant and Reachable gardening information and education opportunities.

Reliable: our gardening advice and education is science-based.

Relevant: customized information for your gardening situation.

Reachable: call us on the phone, email us a question, or visit with us at markets or gardens in your community.

Free Lectures

Midwinter is the perfect time to think about dwarf conifers.  Sam Pratt brings his years of experience in propagating and growing these beautiful essentials to our meeting.

Trees and shrubs are the backbone of any garden.  And evergreens are the paperweights that give our gardens a sense of presence during winter, when they go from providing supporting roles to being the stars of our outdoor spaces.  Dwarf conifers provide that presence in smaller and urban yards, and, in large spaces, they provide the shapes, colors, and textures to occupy the winter understory beneath larger trees. 

Sam will share essential information about selecting, designing with, propagating, planting and caring for these critical plants. 

Sam Pratt is the resident plant expert and inventory manager at Conifer Kingdom (retail) and Rare Tree Nursery (wholesale), sister nurseries in Silverton that specialize in dwarf conifers and Japanese maples, and propagate and sell over 1000 varieties.  He is also an avid photographer of, and spokesperson for, these essential plants.  He is an active member of American Conifer Society and a consultant for the Dwarf Conifer Collection at the Oregon Garden.

Clackamas County Master Gardeners are the folks who put on the annual Spring Garden Fair, bringing together over 7,000 gardeners with over 140 plant and garden-art vendors.