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June 10, 2019
Strange, New and Wonderful Vegetables – Tim Russell, Territorial Seed Co.


Most gardeners in this part of the world have heard of Territorial Seed Company, a major seed grower located just south of Eugene.  Many of us regularly buy their seeds; many more regularly consult their paper or online catalogues for tips on what to grow and how to grow it here in the specific conditions of the Willamette valley.

But what lies beyond, carrots, and kale?  As pioneers in doing “field trials”—planting everything to find out what grows best right here—what do the seed mavens from Territorial see in our future?  They have promised that this talk will range far more widely than new colors of cabbage.  What about the perpetual promise of new perennial vegetables?  What about vegetables that are heirlooms for people who live in climates like ours, but on different continents?  What have they been discovering that will amaze us five years from now? Come visit behind the scenes and into the future at the local giant that is Territorial Seed Company.

Tim Russell is the Marketing Director at Territorial Seed Company and is responsible for producing the catalogues for Territorial Seeds.

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