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10-Minute University™ is the trademark of short classes on essential gardening information. All presentations are free and each is accompanied by a handout. Oregon State University owns the trademark and Clackamas County Master Gardeners develop and manage the program.

Back for 2022 – our series of informative Noontime Chats running now through May

May 25, Noon-1 pm– Year-Round Vegetables: 10-Minute University™ Noon-Time Chat

This free webinar requires advanced registration. The session will be recorded, and a recording link will be sent to all who registered within two days. Register at https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_SRAzbKLWQp-7UmMMflFKbA

Most gardeners are familiar with growing summer vegetables, but not many know how to keep up the production through fall, winter, and into next spring.

This class will answer five questions:

  • How are cool-season crops different from warm-season crops?
  • Which vegetables are best suited for growing during fall and winter?
  • What are the benefits of growing vegetables year-round?
  • When should you sow seeds or put transplants in the garden for the fall/winter crop?
  • How to protect your tender plants through fall and winter?

Our speaker Sherry Holley is an Oregon State University Extension Master Gardener who teaches for the award-winning 10-Minute University™ Program. Sherry’s expertise spans growing vegetables, fruiting trees, shrubs, and vines, and raised bed gardening. She has many educational videos to her credit. Sherry and her husband subsistence farm their home garden and several plots at a community garden.

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