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Year End Volunteer Hours Due 

Now is the time for you to report your volunteer hours and the continuing garden education (recertification) classes and events you have participated in the past year.

Metro has a new online submission system that makes it easy for you to submit all your annual reports and forms. Please click on the links below to submit your volunteer and recertification hours, plus your Conditions of Volunteer Service form.

Veteran reporting (volunteer hours and recertification hours)

If you want to continue to volunteer as an OSU Master Gardener, beyond September 30, 2018, submit the October 2018 – September 2019 “Conditions of Volunteer Service” form, (annually required by OSU).

Remember, you can refer to your CERVIS log to track your hours – but you need to log those hours on to your volunteer log sheet.  Most “Program” hours are recorded in CERVIS.  “Partner” events and activities are not recorded in CERVIS.  Be sure to record all your volunteer hours and the continuing education/recertification events in which you participated on your log sheet.

Please submit your forms by October 1.

Need a refresher?  Here you can review “How-to maintain active OSU Master Gardener status”

For more information about the new MG volunteer reporting system please click for the September 2018 Metro Newsletter

Nominations Announced 

Nominations for our 2019 Executive Board have been chosen by the Nominations Committee.  The chapter will vote on the following slate of officers at the October chapter meeting:

President – Cindy Manselle 
Vice President
  John Wilbur 
– Laura Oldenkamp 
– Ellen Hanley
Assistant Treasurer
– Mickey Becker

Advisory Board – Nancy Muir (2019) Janet Weber (2020) Rob Kappa (2021)

Thank you all for your service to our chapter. 

Grow an Extra Row Honored

Grow an Extra Row received the FOX 12 Les Schwab Tire Centers “Be the Change” award in early August 2018 for their work providing produce to local food banks.  Eve Freeman and Nancy Muir accepted the award on behalf of the group, and were featured on the nightly news. Congratulations to the GAER crew on your much deserved recognition!  Read all about the garden and the award here: Gardening for Good –  and take a peek at the video: Be the Change award FOX 12 News  .   Also featured in a recent news article authored by our own Nancy Muir, you can read all about the history of this successful CCMG project via the Clackamas Review: History of the GAER program

Some links of interest to our chapter:

60 minute OPB Broadcast celebrating 150 years of Extension – Oregon State University an Oregon Experience

Pamplin Media Article – County approves new OSU Extension Education Center

Chapter Scholarships are still available for Growing Gardeners G2 Conference  

 Please send your receipts to soon.

Oregon Master Gardener Association news

Click here for the June newsletter – filled with articles and  information about the goings- on around the state.

Honoring our Members / 2018

The CCMG Awards and Nominations Committee is proud to present the following state and chapter awards and recognition to the membership. These members will be honored at the September chapter meeting. Congratulations to these shining stars!

Clackamas County Master Gardener of the Year: Rob Kappa, class of 2008
CCMG Behind the Scenes: Sharon Wiley, class of 2007
Spring Garden Fair Behind the Scenes: Bill and Kathy Long, class of 2006 & 2005
Statewide Nominee for Master Gardener of the Year: 
Seamus Ramirez, class of 2011
Statewide Nominee for Behind the Scenes: 
Joby Duggan, class of 2007

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