Clackamas County Master Gardeners


Shifts Before the Fair

Fair Set-Up (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday shifts)
Layout and number vendor booths. Place direction signs on blacktop and install temporary security fencing. *This job requires the ability to walk over uneven terrain, stand for long periods & kneel or bend over to measure & place markers. Committee contact: Paul

4-H Exhibts Center Set-Up (Thursday and Friday shifts)
Help move & place tables, set up dividers. Also help place decorations on walls. Committee contactJane

Vendor Set-Up (Friday shifts)
Direct vendors to their assigned booth spaces, provide information & answer questions.*This job requires the ability to stand & walk over uneven terrain. Committee contactMeredith

Raffle Set-Up (Friday shifts)
Set-up raffle area & stock with donations. Committee contactPenny

Plant/ Hanging Plant Check Set-Up (Friday shifts)
Set up holding area for plant check and hanging baskets. Organize boxes.*Prefer some men to help with heavy overhead lifting. Sharon


Shifts During the Fair

10-Minute University™ (Saturday & Sunday shifts)
Assists with 10 Minute University™ classes.Promote classes to Fairgoers, greet clients and assist instructors as needed. Committee contactAnn   

Children's Activities (Saturday & Sunday Shifts)
Work with children on a garden activity. Talk with them about other things they can do at home. Located in 4-H Exhibits hall. Committee contact: Terri

Clinic/ Ask a Master Gardener™ (Saturday & Sunday shifts)
Answer gardening questions for clients in an OSU Master Gardener™ clinic. Committee contact: Jane

Hospitality (Saturday & Sunday shifts)
Greet customers as they enter the Fair, hand out info and answer questions. Count and record each arrival. Thank customers for coming, we'll see you next year! Committee contactCindy

New Plant Introductions (Saturday & Sunday shifts)
Set up new grower-donated plants for the "Silent Auction" in the morning, share new plant info with bidders during the day and help close down the auction in the afternoon. Committee contactNancy

Plant Check (Saturday & Sunday shifts)
Work with customers checking plants. Write receipts, place plants in holding area and retrieve plants for customers upon leaving. *This job requires the ability to lift heavy flats of plants, walk over uneven terrain and some extended standing. Please wear appropriate footgear for walking on the loose surface of the horse arena that houses Plant Check. Committee contact:  Sharon

Potting Station (Saturday and Sunday shifts)
Work with customers to choose pots for purchase, and fill those with soil and the plants they have already purchased. *This job requires the ability to lift pots and bags of soil, and to be attentive to the ideas of the customers. Committee contact: Marianne

Raffle (Saturday & Sunday shifts)
Sell raffle tickets to Fairgoers as they enter and shop the Fair. Assist with drawings and giving out raffle prizes. Pick up plant donations from vendors. Committee contactPenny

Soil Testing (Saturday & Sunday shifts)
Learn how to calibrate & operate pH testing instruments. Prepare and analyze soil samples, explain results to customers. Please bring your own soil samples as well. Committee contactJohn

Vendor Break Room (Saturday & Sunday shifts)
Join this friendly group of volunteers to help with the snacks & drinks, in the break room. Committee contact: Niki

Volunteer Floater (Saturday & Sunday shifts)
Volunteers to help out where ever needed ! committee contactTerri


Shifts After the Fair

4-H Exhibition Center Breakdown (Sunday afternoon shift)
Stack all tables in 4-H building, take down decorations/dividers. Committee contact: Jane

Fair Breakdown (Sunday afternoon shift)
Pick up all vendor booth number stakes/flags. Take down misc signs. Committee contactPaul


If you have any questions please email Terri Hoffmann by clicking here. Feel free to email the committee contacts by clicking on the name in orange.


Raffle Donations

Bring a plant to be raffled- No Limit ! Plants can be delivered early in the day to Raffle area on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.


Donated Finger Foods for Vendor/MG's Break Room Saturday or Sunday 

Drop off by 9am to break room Non-refrigerated items only. Please clearly label all items and mark if made with nuts.Items can be handmade or purchased. Place in disposable containers and deliver to the break room in Horning Hall by the main entrance. Items requested: Fruit or Veggie Platters (no dips) Cheese and Crackers, Cookies and Bars, Breads, Cakes and Cinnamon Rolls.