10-Minute University™ is the trademark of short classes on essential gardening information, taught by Oregon State University Extension Service Master Gardeners.

10-Minute University™ Handouts   |   10-Minute University™ Videos

Pruning a Japanese Maple (5:40)
Pruning Roses (6:24)
Pruning Hydrangeas (5:37)

Pruning Fruit Trees (22:25)
Advanced Pruning (28:18)
Pruning 101 (3:38)

Pruning Ornamental Shrubs (1:11)      
Pruning Fruit Trees (1:04)
Pruning Ornamental Grasses (3:53)

Table Grape Pruning (3:53)
Apple Tree Pruning (5:27)

Fig Tree Pruning (6:00)

Pruning Ornamental Trees (1:05)

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