10-Minute University™ is the trademark of short classes on essential gardening information, taught by Oregon State University Extension Service Master Gardeners.

10-Minute University™ Handouts   |   10-Minute University™ Videos

The Difference Between Bees, Wasps, & Flies (15:02)
The Best Bee Flowers (5:49)
Attracting Pollinators (23:38)

Attract Mason Bees to your Garden (15:58)
Mason Bee Cocoon Cleaning (5:00)
Orchard Mason Bees (1:03:02)

Attractive Native Bee Plants (7:38)
Garden Bees of Western Oregon (18:28)
How to Bee Friendly (7:22)

Ten Proven Tips for Pollinator Gardens (1:06:26)
Attracting Pollinators (1:08:09)
Bee Ready for Spring (6:13)

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