Instructional videos on the following garden subjects:

Growing Edibles – Blueberries, Fruit Trees, Tomatoes, Vegetables
General Gardening – Container Gardening, Lawn Care, Pruning, Raised Beds, Soil
Insects – Pests, Pollinators
Seasonal Gardening Information – Fall Garden Cleanup, Spring Garden Tips, Spring Ornamental Gardening

Growing Edibles 

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Playlist includes:
Growing Blueberries in your Garden (26:10)
Fertilizing and Mulching Blueberries (2:53)
Pruning Blueberry Plants with OSU Master Gardeners (2:58)

Fruit Trees 

Playlist includes:
Fruit Tree Training (6:15)
Low Care Fruit Trees (26:21)


Playlist includes:
Growing Tomatoes in your Garden (28:03)
Planting Tomatoes in your Garden (4:25)
Proven Practices for Tomatoes in your Garden (3:32)
Starting Tomatoes from Seeds (3:41)
Starting Tomatoes from Seeds (25:39)
Tomato Varieties (3:16)

Vegetable Gardening

Playlist includes:
Early Season Vegetables (21:55)
How to Grow Vegetables in Containers (26.:24)
Starting Vegetables in your Garden from Seeds (23.34)
Vegetable Gardening in Times of Drought (26:49)

General Gardening

General Gardening 

Playlist includes:
Container Planting (5:00)
How to Get Healthy Soil in Your Garden (21:18)
Lawn Care (27:55)
Soil and Planting Lessons from Research (25:40)

Raised Beds 

Playlist includes:
How to Make a Raised Bed  (5:29)
Raised Bed Gardening  (24:51)


Playlist includes:
Pruning 101 (3:39)
Advanced Pruning Methods for Your Garden (28:18)
Basic Pruning: Benefits and Tips  (25:08)
Pruning a Fruit Tree (3:32)
Pruning Fruit Trees (25:12)
Pruning Hydrangeas (5:37)
Pruning a Japanese Maple Tree (5:41)
Pruning Ornamental Grasses (3:54)
Pruning Roses (6:24)



Playlist includes:
Common Pests and Diseases During the Fall and Winter (9:58)
Dealing with Slugs and Snails in the Garden (25:33)
Spring Pests and Diseases (24:28)


Playlist includes:

Attracting Pollinators (23:39)
Attractiveness of Native Plants to Bees (7:38)
Garden Bees Of Western Oregon (18:29)
How to Attract Orchard Mason Bees to your Garden (15:58)
How to Bee Friendly (7:22)
How to Tell the Difference Between Bees, Wasps, & Flies (15:02)
The Importance of Garden Pollinators (9:07)

Seasonal Gardening Information

Seasonal Subjects 

playlist includes:
Fall Cleanup in the Perennial Bed (20:43)
Spring Ornamental Gardening (24:41)

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