WHEN: April 9 and October 8, 2018
RAIN OR SHINE, before the meeting and during the break.

6:00 p.m. Plants arrive.
6:30 p.m. Swap begins for helpers and for those who brought plants/seeds.
6:45 p.m. Everyone is welcome to “shop” for plants & seeds.
8- ish (during break): Last chance for anyone to scoop up bargains or to give homes to orphan plants!

WHERE: Patio outside the Milwaukie Center meeting room. Bring containers to take plants home and bring envelopes for taking seeds home. 

DIG, DIVIDE, POT- UP: Perennials or seedlings as your training has taught you. If you don’t have time for individual potting, you may bring bulk containers (boxes or bags with plants/bulbs). Bring SEEDS in packages or labeled envelopes.

LABEL: Please label your plants or bulbs with the botanical or common names ahead of time. Simple cultivation information will be appreciated (sun, shade, wet, dry, tender, half-hardy).  Use scientific and/or common names written in ink or pencil that won’t run in rain or watering. Popsicle/craft sticks, or recycled aluminum slats from window coverings make good plant tags, or you can label pots with names written on masking tape.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: We need three volunteers to help set up at 5:45, along with clean up or carrying plants to cars (–interns welcome!–). One hour of work credit is available for volunteers, and you get a small bonus of being allowed to select ONE plant before everyone else gets to make their choices.

There will an outdoor “holding area” for plants that have been chosen.

QUESTIONS: Please contact Roxane Russell at flowwiththegrow@aol.com to get on the volunteer list, or if you have any questions about the swap.