10-Minute University™ is the trademark of short classes on essential gardening information, taught by Oregon State University Extension Service Master Gardeners.

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Instructional videos on the following garden subjects:

Growing Edibles – Blueberries, Fruit Trees, Tomatoes, Vegetable Gardening 

General Gardening – Container Gardening, Raised Beds, Lawn Care, Ornamental Gardening, Pruning, Soil and Planting, Irrigation

Diseases and Insects – Diseases and Pests, Pollinators

To view individual videos in each playlist hover over the three stacked lines next to the share arrow to choose the video you wish to view. Available handouts can be found here.

Guest Lectures

Playlist includes:

Linda Chalker-Scott, PhD, WSU – Mulches: The Good, The Bad, and The Really, Really Ugly. (51:25)

Growing Edibles


Playlist includes:

Blueberry Cultivars and Planting Tips (3:28)
Fertilizing and Mulching Blueberries (2:53)
Growing Blueberries in your Garden (26:10)
Pruning Blueberry Plants with OSU Master Gardeners (2:58)

Fruit Trees

Playlist includes:

Fruit Tree Training (6:15)
Low Care Fruit Trees (26:21)
Pruning a Fruit Tree (3:32)


Playlist includes:

Growing Your Own Tomatoes (26:00)
Growing Tomatoes in your Garden (28:03)
Planting Tomatoes in your Garden (4:25)
Proven Practices for Tomatoes in your Garden (3:32)
Starting Tomatoes from Seeds (3:41)
Starting Tomatoes from Seeds (25:39)
Tomato Varieties (3:16)

Vegetable Gardening

Playlist includes:

Early Season Vegetables (21:55)
Starting Vegetables from Seeds (23.34)
Vegetable Gardening in Times of Drought (26:49)
Growing Early Season Vegetables (13:44)
Growing in Times of Drought (18:41)

General Gardening

Container Gardening

Playlist includes:

Container Planting with OSU Master Gardeners (5:00)
How to Grow Vegetables in Containers (26:24)
Growing Pretty & Delicious Containers (24:27)

Raised Beds

Playlist includes:

How to Make a Raised Bed  (5:29)
Raised Bed Gardening  (24:51)

Lawn Care

Playlist includes:

Lawn Care (27:55)

Ornamental Gardening

Playlist includes:

Fall Cleanup in the Perennial Bed (20:43)
Spring Ornamental Gardening (24:41)


Playlist includes:

Pruning 101 (3:39)
Advanced Pruning Methods for Your Garden (28:18)
Basic Pruning: Benefits and Tips  (25:08)
Pruning Hydrangeas (5:37)
Pruning a Japanese Maple Tree (5:41)
Pruning Ornamental Grasses (3:54)
Pruning Roses (6:24)
Pruning Fruit Trees (22:25)
Pruning Ornamental Trees (17:55)
Pruning Shrubs (11:46)

Soil and Planting

Playlist includes:

How to Get Healthy Soil in your Garden (21:18)
Soil and Planting: Lessons from Research (25:40)
Using Drip Irrigation in Your Garden (5:17)
Gardening in Clay Soil (25:55)

Native Plants

Playlist includes:

Native Plants (23:45)

Diseases and Insects

Diseases and Pests

Playlist includes:

Common Pests and Diseases During the Fall and Winter (9:58)
Dealing with Slugs and Snails in the Garden (25:33)
Spring Pests and Diseases (24:28)


Playlist includes:

Attracting Pollinators (23:39)
Attractiveness of Native Plants to Bees (7:38)
Garden Bees Of Western Oregon (18:29)
How to Attract Orchard Mason Bees to your Garden (15:58)
How to be Bee Friendly (7:22)
How to Tell the Difference Between Bees, Wasps, & Flies (15:02)
The Importance of Garden Pollinators (9:07)
The Best Bee Flowers (5:49)
Attracting & Hosting Mason Bees (23:44)

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