Clackamas County Master Gardeners

Policies and Procedures


Spending Policy
To preserve the integrity of the Chapter’s finances, the Chapter agrees to these spending guidelines:
1.) The Chapter funds all activity through a yearly budget.
2.) Revenues are generated by chapter activities such as yearly dues and through hosting the Spring Garden Fair.
3.) All funding requests from membership will be submitted to the Budget Committee and then included in the yearly budget. After the budget is approved, any request for additional funds from the community or for special projects will be submitted to the Executive Board for its approval.  If the Executive Board approves, the request will be presented to the membership for ratification.
4.) Chapter funds will be used primarily in support of the goals of our mission statement for Clackamas County. However, certain funds may be used by consensus of the membership through referendum ballot for specific projects that  may be outside the County.
5.) The Chapter operates under a zero budget policy.

Contingency Fund
The contingency fund is allocated for use during the year to deal with unexpected operating situations that cannot be specifically identified at the time our budget is being prepared.

Authority for use of up to $250.00 of this fund is delegated to the chapter President in consultation with the Vice-President and Treasurer without prior consultation with the Executive Committee (Board).  The use of  these reserves will be reported to the Executive Committee (Board) and Chapter Members at their respective next scheduled meeting. The president will also provide an explanation and analysis regarding the expenditure, and if appropriate, plans for rectifying future budgeting shortfalls.  In the event the funds needed are in the excess of $250.00 the Chapter President must consult and receive approval from the Executive Committee (Board) prior to releasing funds.    revised & approved by the Board 12/5//2013

Voucher Procedure
We have established a voucher system to provide a consistent documentary record for each expenditure of the Chapter. Authorization to spend money comes from one of two sources:

  • The annually approved budget, or
  • Members vote for non-budgeted items.

No funds will be dispersed without an approved voucher. The individual who has spent or will be spending money on behalf of the Chapter prepares a voucher. The chair whose budget covers the specific expenditures then signs the voucher.  The prepared vouchers is presented for payment to the Treasurer or to the President in the Treasurers' absence.  If the budgeted expenditure falls under a category that has no chairperson, the voucher is presented directly to the Treasurer for payment. The Treasurer will then note on the voucher where in the budget the item will be allocated.

When money is requested for any non-budgeted expense, the member making the request will follow the process outlined in the By-Laws, Article VII, Section 3, and present the request to the Executive Board for approval. When the Treasurer writes a check for cash to provide a change drawer for fund-raising functions, the transaction needs to be noted with a voucher and signed by the President or an Executive Board member.

When the Treasurer is reimbursed for expenditures while pursuing Chapter business, this voucher needs to be signed by the President or an Executive Board member.

Budget Procedure
Each committee Chair will receive a budget request form from the Budget Committee in September. The committees will not automatically have renewed budgets each year. Each committee will start the year with a zero budget.

The executive board has the authority to approve non-budgeted expenses up to a maximum of $200 without the vote of membership.

Soil Test Guidelines
There are basic minimum requirements to run a Soil Testing Clinic. These  requirements are technical in nature and govern location, duration, equipment and personnel. If a business desires to conduct a soil testing clinic, a written request must be submitted to the Executive Board no later than 60 days before the requested event. For a full description of the guidelines, please contact the Soil Test Chair.

Policy Regarding Remembrances of Chapter Members Who Pass Away
When the death of a Clackamas County Master Gardener occurs, the Executive Board will authorize a donation of $50 to be made in Remembrance of the individual to a charity or organization of the family’s choosing.  In the event no charity or organization is specified, the donation in remembrance of the individual will be made to the Sara Hite Memorial Rose Garden at the Milwaukie Center.  (approved by chapter vote Sept 9, 2013)

The donation will be made on behalf of the members of the Clackamas County Master Gardeners, and will be in effect for all paid members who pass away. The Sunshine Committee will be responsible for seeing that the donation is sent to the proper charity or organization. A card to the family will be sent acknowledging the donation in remembrance.

Mini-College Reimbursement Guidelines
All officers of the Chapter (President, Vice President(s), Treasurer(s) and Secretary) may be awarded $50 each toward their mini-college expenses to encourage attendance. The Chapter benefits from these individuals attending in the following ways:

  • Attend leadership training to assist in the management of their office.
  • Network and make contacts with other officers throughout the state.

The OMGA representative may also have all Mini College expenses paid, including all classes, meals, and lodging, up to the cost of on campus cost, associated with Mini-College.  In addition, up to $25 may be paid toward transportation.  Although all positions are voluntary, the OMGA representative should not bear the financial obligation of attending one of the most important OMGA functions of the year.  This is under the assumption the OMGA representative receives no other funds from any other source to attend Mini-College. 

Chapter Webpage Policy

  • Webpage content is for chapter business only.  This includes any activities and promotions sponsored by CCMG, and official business regarding chapter events and  operations.
  • Webpage updating and maintenance will be the responsibility of the webpage committee.  Passwords and other information regarding access to the domain will be kept by the webpage committee, the Chapter Vice President and Chapter Treasurer. 
  • Webpage will be operated within the policies dictated by Oregon State University regarding ADA compliance and accessibility, along with non-discrimination policies. The current disclaimers required by OSU will be posted as appropriate. 
  • The following disclaimers will be posted on the webpage:  

About This Web Site:
This Web Site is privately operated by the Clackamas County Master Gardeners™  (CCMG), a Chapter of the Oregon Master Gardeners Association. Content published here is intended to assist the Chapter communicate with our members and the gardening public in Clackamas County Oregon.
All gardening information on the CCMG Site conforms to OSU sustainable gardening practices, and Guidance for Oregon State University Master Gardener Volunteers, as directed by the Oregon State University Extension Service Home Horticulture Program. Please note that this site is not operated by the Oregon State University Extension Service.

Personal Information:
Clackamas County Master Gardeners Association does not collect personal information (e.g., name, address or telephone number) unless you voluntarily provide it to us by sending email, participating in a survey or completing an online form. We do not share any personal information with any third parties.
When you visit our Web site, we may automatically collect certain information, such as:

  • Domain, country, IP address
  • Browser, platform, resolution
  • Entrance-Exit Pages, Referrals
  • Date, Time
  • Search Terms and Search Engines

This is standard practice for Web sites, and is not used for any purpose other than to evaluate how we can design the site to best serve your needs.

This site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control.

Links to External Sites
This site contains links to external, non-CCMG sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such sites. (adopted 12-5-2013)

Spring Fair Oversight Committee

The purpose of this committee is to provide continuity for the Spring Garden Fair.

The Committee would be made up as follows:

  • Vice President,  Chair
  • Spring Garden Fair Committee Chair
  • Vendor Sales Chair
  • Two Members of the Advisory Board
  • The Chapter President,  Ex Officio member

Function of the Committee:  (available when needed)  Set long range goals for necessary continuity and longevity for the Fair.  Negotiate with Clackamas Fair Management for long range contract.  In the event the fairgrounds will not be available, the committee would
pursue other options.

All standing committees would continue to function with the committee chairs coordinating it's activities. The oversight committee would assist the committees as need arises.

Audiovisual Equipment System Policy

This policy addresses the authorized use, storage, and maintenance of all audiovisual equipment that are properties of the chapter.

Equipment shall be used at chapter events or for chapter programs.  Any other use will require prior written approval of the chapter's Executive Board.
Each piece of equipment will have a Primary Operator and a Back-up operator.  The President shall designate these operators each year and share such information with the membership in January.  Designated operators are the only individuals authorized to use the equipment.  The Primary Operator is responsible for learning  how to set up, use, and maintain the equipment. With new purchases, the Primary Operator is responsible for completing appropriate product registration(s).  The Primary Operator will train the Back-up Operator.  Designated operators will recommend to the Executive Board training of additional members when the need arises.  Operators will keep a log including 1) date and time use, 2) purpose of use, 3) operator's name.

Chapter members who need to use the chapter equipment for chapter program or event should contact the Primary Operator directly.  In the event neither operator is available to operate said equipment, operators will recommend to the President whether someone else should be trained to meet the need of this event or program on a one-time basis.  Upon an affirmative decision, a designated member will be trained by an operator.

The equipment will be stored in climate conditions suitable for its type.  Owner's Manual and other instructions, warranty, maintenance records will be kept with the equipment.  It is customary for the designed operators to store the equipment in a safe location in their homes, provided such arrangement is approved by Chapter President. 

Operator(s) will conduct or contract services for equipment maintenance, as recommend in Owner's Manual of the equipment, and note any maintenance activities in writing to the President.  The report is due at the end of each calendar year.

The chapter’s Executive Board will review this policy annually at year’s end.  (Adopted January 2, 2011)

Chapter Communications Policy

The Clackamas County Master Gardeners Association, its members and committees have several options for communicating information about meetings, activities, and educational and volunteer opportunities. The purpose of the following guidelines is to clarify the process for each of these options and to encourage chapter-wide communication.

  1. Clackamas Chatter (monthly chapter newsletter)
    1. Contact: Chatter Editor
    2. Submit content by the 10th of each month. 
    3. Distribution is through the monthly Metro Master Gardeners Email, posted on the CCMG and Metro Master Gardeners webpage and through the monthly chapter meeting announcement from the Chapter President.
  2. Chapter Email
    1. Contact: Email/database coordinator with copy to Chapter President
    2. Chapter business only
    3. Email distribution is limited to current members and approved associate members.
    4. Chapter President or Vice President must approve.
    5. You may submit approved attachments and/or link to the CCMG web site.
  3. Chapter Website (
    1. Contact: Clackamas County Webmaster.
    2. Chapter business only.
    3. Content may be a link to your announcement (preferably a PDF) or an addition to a web page (a new event for the chapter schedule of events, for example).

The Clackamas County Master Gardeners Association has a firm commitment to privacy.  The use of members' private addresses and telephone information is exclusively for the Chapter membership and will not be shared in any form without the express permission of that member.  We will not share personal information with any third parties for any reason. (adopted 12-5-2013)


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