Clackamas County Master Gardeners

2016 Open Garden:
End of the Oregon Trail in May




Tangle of Cabbage Rose and Moss Roses >>


Cabbage Rose

Old Pink Moss

Cabbage Roses and William Lobb moss

William Lobb Moss

Cabbage Rose (center) with William Lobb Moss (red)

Arbor with Cabbage Rose on right, Multiflora Carnea on Arbor



Rosa Virginiana

Multiflora Carnea (on Arbor)

Shailors White Moss and Rosa Mundi

Shailors White Moss

Harison's Yellow

^^^^^^^^^^ Cardinal de Richeleau rose


Cardinal de Richeleau rose aka Old Cardinal

Rosa Mundi / Gods Rose

Rosa Mundi

Rosa Mundi

Dog Rose

Jean Bach Sisley (China Rose) ^ Henri Martin Red Moss rose ^

Multi Flora Thunburg

Clockwise from top left: Shailers White Moss, Rosa Mundi and Old Cardinal ^^


Cardoon bud


Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

Cabbage Rose


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